Benefits Of Mango – 1001 Interesting Facts About Mango You Didn’t Know

Benefits Of Mango – 1001 Interesting Facts About Mango You Didn’t Know

Benefits Of Mango 

Xoài có tính bình, ăn xoài không nóng

In some countries, mangoes are called “the king of fruits” (Photo: Internet)

Mango is tropical fruit and native to India and some neighboring countries such as Malaysia, and Burma. Base on the excellent taste, beautiful yellow color, seductive aroma, mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Many people believe that eating too many mangoes can produce heat in the body and cause acne. Is it true? However, according to Oriental medicine, mango doesn’t produce heat in the body as many people think. So why do we feel hot when eating mangoes, especially ripe mangoes? The reason is that ripe mango has a sweet taste, a large amount of sugar, and are rich in nutrients. After eating, the body is forced to generate heat to consume this amount of sugar and nutrients. This is the reason why after eating mangoes, the body often feels hot due to the increase in heat.

Thus, eating mangoes does not cause heat and does not cause acne. However, with its high sugar content, eating too many mango is not good for the body. You can use 1 fruit of mango per day to get more vitamins and nutrients and benefits of mango. People who are diabetes or obesity may  eat 2-3 fruits of mango per week to get all benefits of mango.

Is Green Mango Good For You?

Xoài xanh giúp giảm ốm nghén

Green mango is favorite fruit of many people, especially women (Photo: Internet)

Rich in vitamin C

Rich in vitamin C – this is the first benefit of green mango. According to many scientific studies, vitamin C plays an important role in strengthening resistance, protecting the body against attack by harmful bacteria.

In particular, vitamin C acts as a reaction catalyst to convert Fe +++ to Fe ++ to be able to absorb iron in the duodenum. As a result, vitamin C reduce the risk of iron deficiency.

Promoting Weight Loss

Ripe mango is high in sugar, it can cause weight gain. Green mango is recommended for a weight loss diet due to the low sugar content. At the same time, some nutrients in green mango play an important role in boosting metabolism in the body. That is the reason why green mango can help to lose weight.

Enhance Eyesight

Besides vitamin C, green mango is also rich in vitamin A. This is a very good vitamin for the eyes. According to medicine, vitamin A has the ability to help prevent night blindness and dry eyes.

Good For Pregnant Women

Green mango help to reduce the morning sickness

Green mango help to reduce the morning sickness (Image: Internet)

Many people wonder if pregnant women can eat green mango? The answer is yes. First, the sour taste of mango can help to reduce morning sickness and stimulate taste buds. On the other way, green mango  helps to supplement vitamins and iron during pregnancy, reduce constipation, and increase resistance, etc.

Mango is a healthy, but people should pay attention when eating green mango.

+ You should eat green mango when you feel full. The reason is the sour taste canstimulate increased acidity in the digestive system.

+ People with stomach pain should also not eat green mangoes. The reason is that green mango stimulates an increase in stomach acid, which can make the disease more serious.

+ You need to peel the skin before eating green mango. Because the green mango still has a little latex, you should wash it thoroughly to avoid the itching when eating.

3 Delicious Mango Juice Recipes

Enjoys juice and smoothie is a good way to get all benefits of mango.

The mango juice is the perfect refreshing drink (Image:

Not only is a delicious dessert fruit, mango can be processed into mango juice and smoothie. Enjoys juice and smoothie is a good way to get all benefits of mango.

Mango juice


+ 150 g of fresh mango

+ 2 tablespoons lemon juice

+ 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar

+ Salt

+ Water filter

+ Ice cubes

How to make

+ Blend all ingredients (except ice) within 5 minutes to mix well.

+ Pour into a glass, add ice, decorate with mint leaves if you want.

Mango Smoothie


+ 200gr ripe mango

+ 20gr sugar

+ 40ml condensed milk

+ 20ml of fresh milk

+ Ice cubes

How to make

+ Blend all ingredients.

+ When the mixture becomes smooth, pour into a glass to enjoy.

Mango- Pineapple Smoothie


+ 1 ripe pineapple

+ 4 mangoes

+ 4 teaspoons of condensed milk

+ 200ml of fresh milk

+ Ice cubes

How to make

+ Peel the skin of pineapple and mango, cut into small pieces.

+ Put pineapple and mango in the blender. Then blend with condensed milk and fresh milk. Finally, add the marbles to the grind until a smooth puree is achieved.

+ Pour out glasses and decorate with fresh fruit.


Interesting Facts About Mango

Cây xoài hơn 300 tuổi ở Bạc liêu

The mango tree in Bac Lieu is recognized as a heritage tree of Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

  • In Bac Lieu provice, there are mango tree over 300 years old, over 20 meters in heigh and over 300 square meters wide canopy.
  • Mango comes in many shapes, sizes and colors including yellow, orange, red and green.
  • “Mango day” is Jul 22nd. The first international mango festival was held annually in Delhi, in the year 1987.
  • India is the world’s largest mango producer and consumer.
  • It is believed that Buddha meditated under the cool shade of a mango tree.
  • In the Vedic Sutras – considered the source of Indian civilization – mango is instructed to be “food of the gods”.
  • Indian people believe that Kama, the god of love, uses a special set of bows with arrows are made from mango flowers. This means that love always gives people a sweet, happy forever.

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