Mứt Tết – A Cultural Symbolic Of Lunar New Year

Mứt Tết – A Cultural Symbolic Of Lunar New Year

For thousands of years, Mứt Tết (dried candied fruits) has always been an indispensable dish in the traditional meal of Vietnamese people. To welcome the lunar new year, there are many types of Mứt Tết processed with many different flavors. People often invite each other to some kind of Mứt Tết with a cup of hot green tea.

Ginger jam

ginger jam

Ginger jam is an indispensable jam during the Lunar New Year when the weather is still cold (Photo: Internet)

Vietnamese believe that ginger jam with a spicy and sweet taste has the meaning “brings happiness and warmth to your life”. This spicy-sweet jam is made from fresh ginger, so it also has a lot of good effects on health. Ginger is peeled and sliced, and after that thinly sliced ginger is mixed with sugar. The thin ginger will be cooked in sugar syrup for about an hour till the slices become firmer and the sugar is neatly wrapped around each slice. All processing stages are made by hand with two ingredients: ginger and sugar to create a pure spicy-sweet flavor. On the cold weather of New Year’s day, ginger jam with a spicy taste is indeed a perfect choice that helps to warm the body.

Besides the delicious taste, ginger jam is considered a good medicine for digestion. It has the effect of detoxification, anti-vomiting, bloating caused by an irregular diet, and prevention of respiratory infections. In addition, because it is made from ginger, it also has an effective pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and cold treatment.

Sweet potato jam

sweet potato jam

Sweet potato jam is a familiar jam and is very popular with Vietnamese people (Photo: Internet)

 It is often enjoyed with hot tea to enhance a great frugal taste. A piece of sweet potato jam has a light sweet taste, combined with a soft, fleshy flavor, very delicious and strange. Sweet potato contains starch, fiber, and vitamins that are good for health. When processed into an attractive jam, all health benefits of sweet potatoes are still preserved. Sweet potato jam helps laxatives, stimulates digestion, reduces inflammation, fights cancer, and menstrual irregularities in women…This jam is also rich in fiber that also very good for the digestive system, especially on Tet holidays when using too many high-energy dishes.

Coconut jam

coconut jam

Coconut jam is one of the most popular Mứt Tết in Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

The popular jam that is always in every jam tray is coconut jam. Coconut jam is a great combination of coconut and white granulated sugar. When you want to decorate it beautifully, you can mix it with natural fruits.

The red comes from beetroot, while the yellow is taken from the juice of pineapple or passion fruit. Coffee gives the jam a brown color, while pandan leaves can give it a light green color, etc. Coconut jam is quite easy to make, so everyone can make it at home. Thanks to that, Tet activities are more bustling and interesting. Coconut jam help to detoxify, clear heat, treat boils, and prevent atherosclerosis.

Tamarind jam

tamarind jam

Tamarind also helps with anti-nausea, fatigue, and constipation (Photo: Internet)

Thank for the sour taste and contains few calories, tamarind jam is processed to suit the taste of many people. Tamarind jam has a fragrant sweet-sour taste and is very satisfying. This will be a favorite snack for the whole family! Tamarind is a fruit with countless vitamins, fiber, and organic acids that provide nutrients for the human body. Besides the delicious taste, tamarind has a refreshing effect, stimulates digestion, mild laxative. Tamarind also helps with anti-nausea, fatigue, and constipation.

Squash jam

squash jam

Squash jam means “ the best wishes for health and growth in the new year” (Photo: Internet)

 With its sweet and crisp flavor, this jam is loved by many people and has never been forgotten. Squash is not only beautiful but also attractive to you because of its heat-clearing effect. This jam is not much easy to make, however, many families still make it on the days near Tet even though they have to prepare the ingredients 1-2 months before Tet.  Squash jam has a sweet-cool taste that has a diuretic, cooling, and refreshing effect.

Lotus Seed Jam

lotus seed

The frugal-sweet flavor is a good food for the traditional Tet holiday (Photo: Internet)

Vietnamese people believe the lotus seed jam symbolizes a family reunion and all people who leave their homeland to work will return with their families. To make a delicious lotus jam dish and meet the requirements of the finished product, it takes a lot of time and fuss from the selection, preliminary processing, and processing. The delicious jam has moderate sweetness, in particular, it not be fed up with when eating. Jam from lotus seeds has a sedative effect on people with depression, poor appetite, and insomnia due to the use of many stimulant drinks (alcohol, coffee, tobacco), and helps to nourish the body.

On New Year’s Day, jam is one of the indispensable dishes in every family in Vietnam. Jam attracts from elderly to children with its colorful and sweet scent. Taking the New Year’s greetings, drinking hot tea together, and tasting candy jelly has become a culture of Vietnamese life.

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