Gulfood 2023 – Meaningful Meetings – New Collaborations

Gulfood 2023 – Meaningful Meetings – New Collaborations

Gulfood 2023

The first international trade fair in 2023 that NPV attended was Gulfood, from 20 – 24, February 2023.

For 2023, the fully booked-out event will once again welcome more than 5,000 exhibitors – and 125 country pavilions. Gulfood welcomes over 100,000 attendees from 200 countries with more than 10 billion USD in trade deals. This is the reason why we believe that Gulfood will bring many outstanding successful cooperations. This F&B exhibition helps us place ourselves on the regional agenda and works big time for our expansion plans and strategies.

NPV Gulfood 2023

Making the most successful trade show, we brought our best-selling products including fruit juice drinks, coconut water, energy drink, coffee drink, plant-based milk, basil seed drink, tea drink, etc.  At this exhibitor, it is our honor to present tropical-flavors products from Vietnam to international customers. So even if you’ve never been there, you’ve kind of been there.

Gulfood 2023 brought us five days of inspiration, debate, and exchange. We are proud that our two main products, fruit juice and coconut water, receive a lot of attention from customers. With abundant, fresh ingredients from a tropical country, we are proud to bring the best soft drinks at competitive prices.

Gulfood is the first trade fair in 2023, we will participate in more exhibitions in the future. The achievements at this fair will be the motivation for us to continue participating in the next events. BE THE PART OF THE BIGGEST AND MOST POWERFUL EDITION YET.

Gulfood 2023 Customer


1. An International Presence

We think global and leverage local

2. Natural & Fresh Materials

Dedicated to introducing tropical healthy drinks throughout the world

3. Client desires

We penetrate the market to provide a drink of the right quality and quantity, at the minimum cost.

4. Quality Assurance

We strictly control quality from the beginning to the end.

5. Good service

Free samples, friendly service, delivery time commitment

6. Social Responsibilities

We are grateful for Mother Nature. We care and take responsibility for society and the earth.

Gulfood 1


Gulfood 3


Gulfood 2

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