Famous Vietnamese Drinks That Travelers Shoudn’t Miss

Famous Vietnamese Drinks That Travelers Shoudn’t Miss


Vietnam is an interesting country for many foreign tourists. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape, culture, and the lifestyle of the locals. At the same time, do not forget to enjoy the local cuisine, especially the famous Vietnamese drinks. After enjoying, you will not want to leave Vietnam.

Sugarcane Juice – Nước Mía

Sugarcane juice is a familiar and popular drink in Vietnam

Sugarcane juice is one of the familiar and famous Vietnamese drinks (Photo: Internet)

The  pleasant sweet juice is pressed directly from sugarcane in a machine to obtain a refreshing drink that is extremely effective for thirsting quenching. Usually, when pressing sugarcane, the seller also add kumquat or pineapple to create a harmonious sweet and sour-sweet taste. The combination helps to increase the flavor and make it more appetizing. You can easily find small carts selling sugarcane juice on the street with a cheap price, about 10 thousand VND.

Currently, sugarcane juice can be combined with many ingredients to create “flavored versions”. You can enjoy sugarcane juice with durian, sugarcane juice with coconut milk, sugarcane juice with boba, sugarcane juice with fruit juice, etc.

In Vietnam, sugarcane juice is sold all year round, especially on hot days. Not only just a beverage, sugarcane juice is also a healthy drink for your health.  Containing sugar, vitamins, and much nutritious values, this tropical juice from sugarcane helps to boost energy, prevent kidney stones, support liver function, etc.

Sugarcane juice contains sugar, minerals, vitamins…have anti-aging effects, replenish water and energy, etc. However, you should avoid drinking sugarcane juice after pressing for a long time. Addition, drinking too much this juice can cause obesity or increase blood sugar.


Vietnamese Milk Coffee – Cà Phê Sữa

Vietnamese milk coffee was voted by Bloomberg News as the top 10 best drinks in the world

Vietnamese milk coffee was voted by Bloomberg News as the top 10 best drinks in the world (Photo: Internet)

When you come to Vietnam, do not forget to enjoy a cup of milk coffee made in a special way of the local people. You can choose hot milk coffee or iced milk coffee, each kind of them will offer an appealing taste. Iced milk coffee is a bit more popular than hot once.

Milk coffee is traditionally made from coffee beans and individually brewed through a small metal French drip filter. Of course, this drink wouldn’t be complete without the presence of condensed milk.

In Vietnam, people can drink coffee with milk at any time of the day, especially in the morning to start a new day. From luxury restaurants to carts or roadside stalls, milk coffee is not only a drink but also a “habit” in Vietnamese life.  Iced milk coffee will be your great memory of Vietnam.


Egg Coffee – Cà Phê Trứng

Egg coffee is a famous Vietnamese drink you must try in Hanoi

Egg coffee is a famous Vietnamese drink you must try in Hanoi (Photo: Internet)

An “interesting version” of Vietnamese coffee was born in the fifties of the last century. Egg coffee first appeared in Hanoi, so far it has become a familiar drink with people who live in the capital. Of course, it is also included in the list of “must-try” dishes for tourists when arriving in Hanoi.

The unique feature of this drink is that the egg yolks are beaten with sugar and milk. This mixture is then combined with strong coffee to create a distinct flavor. Egg coffee is served in a small cup and is placed with hot water to control its temperature. This is the best way to keep the taste is perfect for customers to enjoy.

It is difficult to accurately describe the taste of egg coffee because this drink is a combination of many factors. The cup of egg coffee is not too sweet and not too bitter; it has the passionate aroma with the egg layer on the top. Truly, when you taste a cup egg coffee by yourself,  you can feel the full flavor of its.


Coconut Water – Nước Dừa

Fresh coconut water is rich in  several important nutrients

Fresh coconut water is rich in  several important nutrients (Photo: Internet)

One of the famous Vietnamese drinks you cannot miss when coming to our country is coconut water. What is more wonderful than enjoying cool, sweet coconut water in its own country. Coconuts are grown in many provinces and cities across the country. The Mekong Delta is consolidated by the alluvium from the Mekong River, creating favorable conditions for the development of coconut trees. In which, Ben Tre province is known as the “coconut capital” of the country.

There are many varieties of coconuts grown in Vietnam including Dừa Xiêm, Dừa Tam Quan, Dừa Dứa, Dừa Sáp… very diverse and abundant. Why is coconut water so popular in Vietnam? First of all, thanks to the sweet and cool taste, the refreshment is extremely effective. The selling price of a coconut ranges from 15 to 20 thousand VND, not too high compared to the common ground. Moreover, coconut water possesses many health benefits such as increasing immunity, anti-aging, replenishing electrolytes and minerals… What could be better than enjoying cool coconut water in hot weather? Well, it’s not too difficult to buy this refreshing drink in Vietnam, you can buy it from the beverage stores or the sidewalk vendors.


Fresh Fruit Juice And Smoothie

Orange juice is delicious

You can drink juice and smoothie at anytime of the day (Photo: Internet)

Vietnam is a paradise of tropical fruits and will be an interesting culinary experience when you come here. Of course, you cannot ignore the delicious and cool glasses of juice or smoothies.

Many kinds of fruit juices you should enjoy in Vietnam including watermelon, orange, carrot, pineapple, … Smoothie is the perfect combination of fresh fruit, condensed milk, and ice cubes. The smoothies you should try are avocado, soursop, jackfruit, strawberry… The price ranges from 20 to 40,000 VND, you will not want to leave Vietnam after enjoyed.

Pennywort Juice – Nước Rau Má

  Not only refreshing, pennywort juice is also very good for health

Not only refreshing, pennywort juice is also very good for health (Photo: Internet)

Besides fruit juice, coconut water, sugarcane juice, etc. pennywort juice is one of the most famous Vietnamese drinks you should enjoy in our country.

Pennywort is a herbaceous plant and offer a dark green color liquid after juicing with water. The way to prepare vegetable juice is not too complicated, but it brings a delicious and healthy drink. Pennywort juice can be enjoyed in its original taste but you should mix with mung beans, durian, coconut milk, etc. for extra texture and flavor.  This delicious dark green juice is perfect for quenching your thirst and fueling your next adventure.


Tea – Trà

Drinks tea is a little joys of daily life in Vietnam

Drinks tea is a little joys of daily life in Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

Tea has to be one of the most addictive drinks in Vietnam.  Popular types of tea in Vietnam is green tea, tea with floral flavor like jasmine, lotus; and herbal tea.  Hot tea or iced tea are enjoyed but iced tea is more popular. You can drink iced tea everywhere but it’s more commonly found in Southern and Central of Vietnam. Iced tea help you cool, refreshed and hydrated in hot, humid conditions. Iced tea is usually sold cheaply and sometimes for free if you have meal or drink coffee.  It  is not only a refreshing drink but also a part of Vietnamese social life.

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