Anuga Cologne Germany 2023 – Shaping The Future Together

Anuga Cologne Germany 2023 – Shaping The Future Together

Anuga Is The world’s Top Food Trade Fair

NPV Beverage will participate in Anuga Cologne, Germany, from October 7th to 11th. Anuga is the premier worldwide trade fair for food and beverage, bringing together the most significant international industry community and nurturing an optimistic atmosphere. This year, the exhibition spans over 280,000 m2, drawing around 8,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and hosting over 165,000 visitors from 200 countries.

Anuga Germany 2023 transcends supply and demand connections, elevating business prospects with four key themes. Dive into seven food trends, such as Alternative Meat Proteins, Clean Label, Convenience and Snacking, Free From and health Foods, Plant-Based Proteins, Superfoods and ancient Grains, and Sustainably Produced or Packaged, all symbolic of the future in the food and beverage industry.

Begin your captivating journey into the first day of Anuga 2023, filled with innovation, creativity, and inspiration that will leave you in awe. NPV offers exceptional opportunities to build valuable connections, collaborate on exciting projects, and discover new paths to growth. Attending this fair, NPV company brings our outstanding products, including fruit juice, coconut water, energy drinks, nut drinks, etc.

Welcome to NPV company’s booth at

Booth No 8.2A113G2

Date: October, 07 – 11, 2023

NPV Booth_Anuga Cologne Germany 2023

NPV enjoys Anuga Exhibition

NPV in Anuga Cologne 2023

Customers visit NPV Booth at Anuga Cologne

NPV at Anuga Cologne Exhibition 2023

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