5 Traditional Dishes For Doan Ngo Festival

5 Traditional Dishes For Doan Ngo Festival

Doan Ngo Festival –  The Middle Day Of Summer

doan ngo festival

Đoan Ngo festiavl has held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in the year (Photo: Internet)

According Vietnamese legends, Doan Ngo festival is also the anniversary of the death of national mother, Au Co.

Doan Ngo has another name is Tet Diet Sau Bo. Because in the period of changing seasons, the diseases easily arise. On this day, people have many customs of eliminate insects and prevent diseases.

On Doan Ngo festival, there are many special traditional dishes including banh gio, com ruou, che troi nuoc, banh u la tre, banh u ba trang,  etc.

Fermented Glutinous Rice – Com Ruou

The Vietnamese ancients believed that sour, spicy, sweet, and hot foods can kill the worms, worms, parasites, bacteria, etc. in the body. And fermented glutinous rice wine has the by the characteristic strong aroma of fermented glutinous rice, making “insects” “drunk” and destroyed. Many Vietnamese people love fermented glutinous rice because it has the natural flavor and sweetness taste without the use of sugar.

Gio cake – Banh gio

gio cake

Banh gio is served with molasses which is the secret behind the special taste of the dish (Photo: Internet)

Banh gio is an indispensable dish during Doan Ngo festival in the North. It is made from glutinous rice soaked in the water of the ashes of various herbs and fruits. People wrap the glutinous rice in bamboo, banana or dong leaves in a pyramidal or long shape

Rice Ball Sweet Soup – Che Troi  Nuoc

Che troi nuoc is a traditional dish of the Southern people on Doan Ngo festival. Each round-white ball is made from glutinous rice flour, green bean paste. You can enjoy rice ball sweet soup with coconut milk and sugar water cooked with ginger.

The attraction of che troi nuoc comes from the fatty taste,  the warm spicy taste of ginger in sugar water and the strong aroma of sesame on top.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

The fruits chosen to worship and eat during the Doan Ngo festival are mainly summer fruits with a sour and sweet taste. These are plum, peach, lychee, rambutan, mango, watermelon, etc. Among them, the most popular are plum and lychee which are in the harvest season.

Duck Meat

duck meat

Accouding to the traditional custom of the Central of Vietnam, local people cook duck meat to worship and have lunch together. Because in the May of the lunar calendar, the duck will be  delicious, fattening, and no longer have the usual odor. Popular dishes include duck porridge, boiled duck, duck’s blood curds, roast duck, bamboo shoot and duck vermicelli soup, etc.

Although it only happens for one day, the Doan Ngo festival is still a significant festival in Vietnamese traditional custom for practical and holy meanings. Enjoys Doan Ngo festival with your family, you will you will get to know more about its value and spirits.

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