Tamarind Juice Drink 400ml Pet Bottle

Tamarind Juice Drink 400ml Pet Bottle

NPV Tamarind Juice Drink is made using a traditional recipe with natural ingredients. Enjoys NPV Tamarind Juice and get to know what nature provides to us!

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Product information

Tamarind juice drink 400ml

Packaging400ml Pet Bottle
IngredientsWater, Tamarind Juice, Sugar, Tamarind Flavor, etc.
Storage conditionsStore in dry and cool place
Shelf life18 months
Payment termL/C, T/T
PortHo Chi Minh Port, Viet Nam
Delivery time20 – 25 days after confirm order
CertificationISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
MOQ200 cartons/order

Nutritional values

Nutritional ValuesPer 100 ml
Energy (kcal)30 kcal
Total Carbonhydrate (gram)7.3 g
Sugar (gram)7 g
Vitamin C (mg)30 mg
Sodium (mg)10 mg
Protein (gram)0
Total Fat (gram)0


Indulge in the tropical essence of tamarind fruit juice, where sweet meets tangy in a harmonious blend. Crafted from tamarind pods, NPV Tamarind Juice Drink captures the exotic flavors of tropical regions. With its nutritional richness and distinctive taste, sipping tamarind fruit juice offers a delightful and revitalizing experience for your taste buds and well-being.

+ Best flavor

+ Enrich vitamins

+ Good for health

+ Convenient to carry

Health benefits

Tropical tamarind juice drink has various health benefits due to its natural compounds and nutritional value. Here are some notable health advantages of consuming tamarind juice:

Tropical tamarind juice drink 400ml bottle

1.Digestive Support

Tamarind juice contains dietary fiber and enzymes that aid digestion. This can help alleviate constipation, promote regular bowel movements, and maintain a healthy gut.

2.Vitamin Boost

Enriched with essential vitamins such as vitamin C and various B vitamins, tamarind juice supports the immune system, aids collagen production, and contributes to overall energy levels.

3.Antioxidant Defense

Tropical tamarind juice drink boasts antioxidants like polyphenols and vitamin C, which combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases by neutralizing harmful free radicals.

4.Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The natural compounds in tamarind juice possess anti-inflammatory effects that may assist in reducing inflammation-related discomfort and supporting joint health.

5.Weight Management

With its fiber-rich composition, tamarind juice promotes satiety, helping control appetite and potentially contributing to weight management goals.

6.Skin Radiance

The antioxidants in tamarind juice support healthy skin by reducing oxidative stress and promoting a vibrant complexion. Some skincare products also incorporate tamarind for its potential benefits.