Carbonated Energy Coffee Drink 400ml Bottle

Carbonated Energy Coffee Drink 400ml Bottle

Vietcool Carbonated Energy Coffee Drink is delicious drinking refreshment. Vietcool creates a force that delivers the power to live the life you want.

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Product information

vietcool energy coffee 400m

Packaging400ml Bottle
IngredientsCarbonated water, taurine, caffeine, sweetener, inositol, vitamin (B3, B6, B12), etc.
Storage conditionsStore in dry and cool place
Shelf life18 months
Payment termL/C, T/T
PortHo Chi Minh Port, Viet Nam
Delivery time20 – 25 days after confirm order
CertificationISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
MOQ200 cartons/order

Nutritional values

Nutritional ValuesPer 100 ml
Energy (kcal)42 kcal
Fats (gram)0 g
Total Carbonhydrate (gram)10,9 g
Sugar (gram)10,6 g
Protein (gram)0 g
Vitamin B3 (mg)6 mg
Vitamin B6 (mg)2 mg
Taurine (mg)23 mg
Caffeine (mg)5 mg
Inositol (mg)20 mg


Vietcool Carbonated Energy Drink is not ordinary carbonated water, not ordinary energy drink. It is Carbonated Energy Coffee Drink which is powered by taurine, glucose and caffeine making it an easy drinking refreshment.

Your sense of smell will be conquered by the passionate aroma of coffee – one of the most attractive scents in the world of cuisine. And carbon dioxide has been infused under pressure to ensure that each has a strong impact on taste and refresh the palate. Each can has produced to quickly give you a boost of energy and activation.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed worldwide.  Caffeine may stimulate brain function, improve mood, decrease the likelihood of depression, etc.

B-group vitamins like niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 play a key role in energy metabolism. They also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Taurine, an important  amino acid in several of the body’s metabolic processes. Taurine also helps reduce anxiety, stress.


Energy drinks Vietcool

Try Vietcool Carbonated Energy Coffee Drink for yourself.  It will be the perfect feel-good drink to brighten up your days.

1.More energy

Like the name, the first benefit is providing energy for your body. Energy drink contains caffeine and can support wakefulness and feelings of being alert. Drink a can of energy drink and you will be surprised at the ways it helps you to pay attention.

2.Mood improvement

When you feel tired, you will get a little grumpy, right? Some studies show that energy drink can help to improve your mood by helping you feel better.

3.Fast recovery

Drinking energy drink can help you recover faster after exercises or hard work out by having more caffeine and vitamins.

4.Fast delivery

Energy drink is usually served cold that you can drink it faster than hot coffee or other caffeinated beverage. Because of drinking faster, it means a quicker consumption and the caffeine gets into your system much faster.

5.Brain function

Energy drink can reduce mental fatigue and improve measures of brain function, such as memory, concentration and reaction time.

6.A good source of vitamins B

Energy drink contains B group vitamins such as vitamin B2, B3, B12, B6, etc. These vitamins play an important role in your overall bodily function and are crucial to maintaining good health and general well- being.

Vietcool Carbonated Energy Drink With Coffee