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Green Sticky Rice – The Special Gift Of The Autumn Season in Hanoi

Autumn comes fast and then leaves soon.  This falling season likes a beautiful dream with the fragrances in the air, the soft warmth of the sunlight, the falling leaves,  and the roadside vendors on Hanoi streets. In the eyes of local people, the green sticky rice rice grabbed in lotus leaves is an indispensable part of the autumn season in Hanoi capital.

Hue’s Lotus Tea: Delicate From Tea, Pure From Lotus

lotus tea 3

With the history of planting tea for over 2000 years, tea is still plays key role in spiritual life of Vietnamese. It is a refreshing beverage believed not only to calm and centre the mind, but to help ward off a number of common illnesses.
In Vietnamese tea culture, Hue’s lotus tea is hailed as “Tea for the King” base on the exquisite fragrance and delicate taste.