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Peach – A Delicious Summer Fruit And Health Benefits Of Peach

Peach has lots of amazing benefits for your health

Peach is a round shape with sweet yellow flesh, a slightly furry red and yellow skin, and a large seed in its center. This fruit has a lot of juice with light aroma and a pleasant sweet-sour taste. Peach is a great ingredient for making cakes; soft drinks like peach juice or sparkling water with peach flavor; and jams.

Kitchen Gods’ Day – Tết Ông Táo

kitchen god day

According to the Vietnamese legend, Tet holiday actually begins with The Kitchen Gods’ Day on December 23rd of the lunar calendar. This year, the Kitchen Gods’ Day falls on January 25th, 2022. As the legend goes, on this day, the Gods of Kitchen will ride a carp to fly back to the heaven and report to the Jade Emperor all household activities.

Health Benefits Of Calamansi, Do You Know?

Calamansi has a green skin

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit which has the sour and tart flavor. Calamansi may be used for ornamental purposes, cooking ingredients, or medicinal herbs. Especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Vietnamese people also decorate their house with this plant. They believe that it  will bring well-being, luck, affluence, wealth, etc.  throughout the new year.